Police Station 3D Recreation and Interactive Presentation


The following renders are a representation of the outside and inside of the Revere, MA police station where an illegal discrepancy took place. Working for a law firm and litigation consulting company, I was required to go on site to take photographs and measure the entire place inside and out. Measurements of the bricks, windows, desks, stairs, and jail cells were needed, among others. The measurements were then implemented into the 3D model to build to scale. The entire model was built, textured, lit, animated and rendered by me from scratch.


I later positioned the camera for renders to show that my 3D model lines up exactly with the photographs. The project required several months to complete and every detail was overseen by lawyers to make sure it was an accurate representation for admissibility into court. The final presentation and animation is an interactive walk-through of the building to show where each of the events took place.


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